Amusements of the Manor:

  • Enthralling excursions through the halls and outskirts of a Manor

Maryino Manor  Maryino Manor, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

  • Horse riding, driving in a sleigh or horse carriage

russian troika   Maryino Manor

Maryino Manor  Stroganov Galitzin


  • Historical costumes (woman’s ball dresses and bonnets, man's sleeveless jacket and cocked hats, children's dresses, accessories)

photoshoots  photoshoots at the Manor

photoshoots at the Manor  photoshoots at the Manor

  • Boat trips on the river and ponds

wedding at the manor  wedding at the Maryino Manor

  • Races on snowmobiles

Maryino Manor  Maryino Manor

  • Winter bonfire and barbeque

barbeque  barbeque

  • Skiing, sledge and bicycles

russian winter  russian winter

russian winter

  • Playing billiards, table tennis, cards or chess

russian traditions russian traditions russian traditions

  • Service “Your tree in the Maryino”: you can plant a personal tree on one of the paths of English Park of the Manor

english park

  • Flying on the balloon over the Maryino

Maryino Manor

  • You can run the fire lantern in the sky

Make a wish

  • Fowl-hunting
  • Paintball
  • Fireworks

firework  firework

  • Monthly music salon

russian traditions  russian traditions

russian traditions  russian traditions

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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