Maryino Club

Maryino Manor

The Maryino Manor created programs of cooperation with different organizations, societies and private individuals for joining the efforts for revival the estate and preservation the building of the palace.

The results of this work presents at conferences and salons at the Manor.

Maryino Manor  Vadim Znamenov

Galina Stepanova

The Maryino-Club invites you to join our collaboration: any person or group of persons can become the member of the club by join our projects or to make a donation to The Philanthropic fund “Revival of The Maryino Manor”. The annual fee is 40000 Russian rubles.

For members of the Club there are free excursions and 20% discount on all the services at the Manor.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

 (812) 914-34-34, (812)  918-81-25