Pancake week

(February 2012)

Maryino Manor

Maryino ManorOn February, 23 in the Maryino Manor there was Pancake Week’s celebration – merry send-off of the winter in expectation of warmth and spring renovation of nature.

Pancake week (or Maslenitza) is the most favourite folk holiday ‘cause gives a legitimate reason for everyone to have a lot of fun and eat a lot of cakes!

Guests of the Maslenitza-salon were involving in playing program and after the games in the open air and got red in the faces guests continued the merriment in the halls of the manor, - with music concert in the White Hall and traditional gala-dinner in the Hunting (or Okhotnichi) Hall.

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"Impression", Music Salon (also according to Eve of the Epiphany)

(January, 2012)

New year 2012

(December, 2011 - January 2012)

(October, 2011)

Easter Salon

(April, 2011)

Pancake week

(March, 2011)

First Anniversary Salon according to The Maryino Manor's 200th jubilee

(January, 2011)

New year 2011

(December, 2010 - January 2011)

Conference according to the grand totals of 2010 year's workthe nativity

(December, 2010)

 Journey through the New year Manor

(November, 2010)


(October, 2010)

Deo gracias, Anglia ("Laterna Magica" ensemble)

(August, 2010)

"Lovesong is my heart", Music Salon
(July, 2010)

"Ivan Kupala", Music Salon
(June, 2010)

"Spring.. time of love", Music Salon
(May, 2010)

"It was when spring begun", Music Salon
(April, 2010)

Music Salon, according to the International Theatre Day - "Russian Geniuses in Maryino"
(March, 2010)

October, 2009

December, 2009